Ways To Remove CRC SHA From Context Menu in Windows 10/7/8

Before letting you know what CRC SHA is you need first to understand what 7 zip is. If you have installed 7 zip on your windows pc or laptop then only you will be able to see CRC SHA in your context menu. You might also see more options like CRC-64, SHA-256, SHA-1, and CRC-32. CRC and SHA both of these are security algorithm. Here we have tried our best to “Remove CRC SHA”.

What is CRC?

CRC means “Cyclic Redundancy Check” it is used in digital networks for checking/identifying any changes made to the data which could have been done accidentally.

What is SHA?

SHA means “Secure Hash Algorithm” created by the National Security Agency in the U.S it is used to determine the integrity of data downloaded from the web to make sure that the downloaded data is not imperfect in transmitting or due to other issues.

There are many instruments to calculate CRC SHA value in Windows operating system. Previously 7 zip was in use, but the procedure was not very straight-forward. The latest version of 7-Zip makes calculating these hash values a little easier. A large number of Personal Computer users are not conscious of these characters and don’t use them at all.

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